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Case Study - Type Specimen

Here's a general guide to my workflow and how I end up with a final product. From concept to Print, check out how I developed this Type Specimen poster for the Lato Font family.

Sketch Ideas.png

Phase 1

Brainstorming Ideas

At the beginning of a project, I brainstorm with ideas of possible directions of where to go, play with what colors to use, and study related content to see how I can improve on them as well.

Phase 2 

Sketches & Drafts 

Now that I have a background, I can explore options. I make multiple sketches and drafts of based on the initial idea and elements from brainstorming. From those drafts, I see what I like and choose where to go. 

Lato Type Specimen v0.0.png
Lato Type Specimen v1.0.png

Phase 3 

Iteration & Final Touches

With a draft ready, I work on the final product! I touch up elements to see if I like how it would look and go back and forth with what I do and don’t like. There is a lot of iterations in this phase, back and forth until everything comes together.

Phase 4

Finished Product

After tweaking the final touches, I make the final version. With this, I print and share on the web! 

Photoshop Final Product.png
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